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Your Inner Path: A 6-Month Coaching Program

Release blocks which prevent you from trusting the truth and love within you

You probably remember a time when you knew you deserved a life that feels good. Maybe it hasn't been that long ago, or, maybe it was when you were 5. However long ago it was, the path is still inside of you. 

It just needs to be heard, or seen, or acknowledged. You might find it, as though it were braille, by feeling it. 

Listen. It's there. 

In this 6-month program, we will be honoring your inner path through: 

  • Discussion

  • Intuitive guidance

  • Energy clearings

  • Reclaiming of parts of yourself

  • Psychological tools

  • Mindfulness/Embodiment tools

  • Metaphysical offerings

  • Practices to invite the sacred within you, as well as to invite discovery, playfulness, self and soul-expansion 

You'll Receive:

*  Personalized sessions with continuity and momentum as well as spontaneity and growth.

* 17 personalized sessions, up to 1 & 1/2 hours each, including 2 energy healing sessions.

*  Ongoing continuity and support throughout the week.

* Check-ins by email.

* Suggestions and practices to practice in between sessions which will enhance your trust in yourself, clarity and joy in your life.

Cost: $6,200. 

Payable in two halves, as $3100.

A life well lived is one in which you're fully in it! 

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