A 6 Week
Intuitive Writing Group
Image by Jan Huber

Photo by Jan Huber on Unsplash 

The Magic of You: Intuitive Writing Group 

Do you wish you could trust your intuition

even when you feel stressed or anxious?

Imagine you had a process to release what you feel or think, mindfully notice it without attaching to it, and connect with your higher guidance? 

Would you like to have more connection with your higher self & angels so that you can feel loved & guided?

How about more synchronicities & signs as well as a clarity about what to do next?

Imagine being able to:

~ Feel clear & make decisions with greater ease

~ Look for answers within yourself 

~ Have big realizations

~ Connect with your Spirit team & higher self 

~ Receive higher transmissions, love, & support

~ Feel loved from within: this is a homecoming!

And, in this group: be in connection with like-minded women

on the spiritual path who also want to discover their true selves with others.


It's beautiful!

Day: Saturdays, 2-4:00 PM. PST

Date: Six weeks - TBD.

Cost: $250

A note about how this practice was created:

Hi! I'm Heather! I'm happy you've found your way here. :) 

A year and a half ago, I began this process when I felt more anxious

than I ever had before.

It wasn’t just the pandemic.

 I’d turned my life around and had begun to listen to Spirit and my intuition instead of my ego.

It’s been a process of constant trust to listen & act on this knowing.

In this group, you'll have the support of the group, too!

With the steps I've learned through intuition in this process,

I've come to realize is that the path is inside us.

We carry a pathway within from ego to Spirit

that is illuminated by listening, receiving, and taking aligned action.

To try to "get to" Spirit

by bypassing who we actually are

misses the point.

We have come here to be our true selves!

True self is who we are when we stop trying to be something else,

when we let go & love

& see the grace of our lives!

The way is through.

As we acknowledge where we're at 

& then make the decision to align & shift our energy,

we have access to the Source within us.

Knowing that the doorway is within us is amazing!!! 





















This practice 

creates opens up a channel in you

to feel supported by your higher self & Spirit.

As a result of giving myself this practice, (which I practice daily)

 & nourishes my whole self & spirit,

I've gotten clear my sacred offerings,

 attracted positions which fit with my heart & soul,

created more community, including deepening old friendships

& creating new ones which speak to my heart & where I am now.

This practice is affirming & transformative

& because I know how powerful -- yet simple it is --

I want to share it with you.

It's simple yet effective and completely wholehearted.

This process is a vehicle to Spirit.

It's a doorway to the love & knowing within you.

If feel a tug of excitement, check with your intuition, 

& then, if it feels good, let's talk. :) 

I offer a 30-minute Illumination Session 

where you can ask questions & we can see if it's the right fit! 

And, I'm looking forward to connecting with you!

~ Heather 

Image by Rowan Freeman