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The Illumination Session: A place to welcome your bright light, discuss what you're hoping to experience, & see if we're a good match to work together... 

The purpose of all sessions is for you to tap into your own worth, lovabiility, truth, power, & connection with Source so that you can feel more in tune with your true self.


This creates more authentic connection with other people, nature, animals, & what lights you up in your life. This is beautiful! 


After sessions, many clients report feeling more light, joyful, clear about decisions, in touch with their intuition, with greater ease in their lives


Rather than looking outside for answers, people begin to find more flow & nourishment within. 

About Sessions: 

I meet you where you are. We'll talk about what makes sense for what you're seeking. And, while I encourage setting an intention for what you want to bring more of into your life, each session has its own unfolding, which is not a linear process. We're both listening to our intuition, and you're invited to listen to your various ways of knowing: body, heart, mind, and Spirit! 


Because we tend to look outside ourselves for truths about who we are, this is often a process of letting go and then discovering what's there.


Looking at situations and your life from this persepctive of wholeness often means seeing things differently, bringing more compassion, trust, love, forgiveness, and joy.  

Knowing comes not only from our minds but from our bodies, spirit, our spiritual teams of guides and angels, spirit animals, and ancestors, but, also from the aliveness you feel! 

My background includes  a medley of tools and practices as well as intuitive reading & deep listening. 

Sessions may include:

* Intuitive guidance: I listen to my intuition, offer suggestions that often come as downloads, encourage you to listen to yours & offer practices to enhance this powerful connection within you.


** Please note that I do not read the future as the future is always changing when our energy changes.

* Visualization & interactive guided imagery which helps to transform external situations using your own senses, knowing, & perception. This process is powerful!

* Inner child work: To increase love, peace, and okayness within different ages of your inner child.

* Ho'oponopono/Forgiveness: The powerful Hawaiian prayer which can transform fears into what feels like miracles.

*  EFT (tapping): A simple yet profound ways to let go, understand, & transform situations. Tapping also calms the limbic system & allows for greater ease & calm.

* Mindfulness: Being present, releasing feelings by acknowledging them, and noticing what's here are powerful ways of living an embodied, spiritual life. This leads to greater joy, ease in transition, and embodied intuition. 

* Oracle card readings: Often shared at the beginning of sessions. Drawing cards often supports an underlying theme, helps to gain insight into a situation,  or reflects the energy of what's happening. It can be both validating & magical to have this source of support!

* Coaching: Asking powerful questions to open you up to your own knowing beyond the conscious mind. Though I am a certified Spiritual Coach, this is not pure coaching. Sessions include aspects of coaching.

* Positive Psychology/Spiritual psychology: I trained in relational, somatic, mindfulness, humanistic, & spiritual/transpersonal psychology for 20 years prior to offering transformative sessions. 

* Manifesting: Setting an intention, aligning with your greatest good, calling in support, & surrendering. I offer a practice I use which enhances the flow, & we can explore this together. I also offer manifesting groups.

In addition to sessions and programs of sessions, I also offer workshops & consultations on various topics.

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