Write from the Soul: Intuitive Writing

Connecting with your soul team

Are you a bright, empathic, and intuitive woman who loves all things metaphysical and wishes you could trust yourself more?

Do you use Google like another brain? 

Do you wish you could connect with your intuition like the teachers you admire or when you get stressed?

Intuition is a game-changer! It's the pivot from approval-seeking to clarity and confidence. 


In this time of COVID-19, more than ever, making contact with our intuition provides ease, answers based on who we are as people, and connects us with high vibe energy. It feels good! 

In this 6-week group, come

* Connect with your soul

* Honor your whole self

* Access your intuition

* Receive answers

* Express yourself with greater freedom, love, and confidence! 

* Share with other women in a supportive and sacred virtual space.

Each group is $30, payable online. 

We'll be meeting by Zoom.

Date: Coming Soon 

Time: 10:00 - 11:30. 

Contact me if you're interested. ~ Heather


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