Resources for Mind/Body/Spirit


These are some of my favorite healers/healings. No affiliate links here. Just wanting to share with you what has worked for me. I hope they empower you, too! 

1. Janet Wright: Personal growth energy healing and Intuitive.  Janet creates all of her own tools with the angels, and is a powerful force for healing & empowerment! She offers very affordable healings, and is a pro-level healer & amazingly empowering teacher with a lot of fun energy practices:

2.  Elma Mayer: A profound energy healer with simple, powerful techniques:

3. Rudy Hunter: A sweet-hearted & incredible energy healer:

4. Schumann Resonance to remove negativity in your house (puts my barking dogs right to sleep!).

5. FLFE: A powerful system which sends energy to transform your home into an inner sanctuary! Especially powerful right now. I've noticed huge improvements in my body, mind, and heart since I started one of the programs. They offer a free 2-week trial. It's so worth it, especially for sensitive people! <3