• Heather Schwartz

Threshold: Moving Forward from Within

Updated: Jun 11, 2021


1. The base, doorstep, or doorway that you cross when entering a house or room.

2. The magnitude or intensity that must be exceeded for a certain reaction, phenomenon, result, or condition to occur or to be manifested.

A threshold is the necessary energy it takes to move you from one state to another. When you push against what's currently happening, friction, fear, and suffering are created.

And, when you allow it to be in tune with your True Self, something magical happens: it's like the Hogwarts' Platform, in Harry Potter, the 9 3/4 track, that didn't exist before suddenly opens when you believe in yourself, and move with the energy. You see differently.

Everything feels different.

We're currently in times that push against everything we think and know. We're in the midst of a threshold.

How would you look at your life, your struggles, your fears, and your attempts to be "good enough" if you were to view your life through the lens of a threshold: a pressure meant to bring you into the depths of who you TRULY ARE?

Could this threshold be bringing you into your magnificence?

Ironically, this pressure can push us into a greater state of knowing who we truly are... if we know how to allow it rather than push against it.

Then, we're able to access transcendental states of consciousness: A-ha!'s, psychic knowing & intuition, & wide-ness of being!

There, we can find everything we're looking for: all the abundance, Truth, connection, and clarity, not to mention to the spacious freedom of love & joy!

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Top photo by Robert Nyman @ Unsplash

Bottom photo by Frank McKenna @Unsplash

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