• Heather Schwartz

The Bridge: Embracing Change with Intuitive Support

Photo of the St John's Bridge by Natalie Chaney

I can see the bridge now. And, it’s beautiful: expansive, green, a huge glorious link between where I am and where I’m going.

I turn left onto what looks like a dead-end, and the road narrows so that it becomes two lanes, one each way.

It looks mysterious, with a grove of fir trees on each side. There's light and trees, and I feel my body get ready for the change.

I know this road, and I feel good: triumphant!

But, it wasn’t always this way.

For the first 8 times I traveled this road, taking my dog,Teddy to his acupuncture appointment at a new vet 45 minutes away, (after seeing the same vet for 10 years), I felt really, really anxious.

Scared and overwhelmed.

New roads, new vet, new procedures, and a traffic that moved a lot faster than my neighborhood were all part of the trip.

Gripping the steering wheel, I'd focus intently on the road. For the first 2 times, I played no music, just focused, and listened to the GPS.

The next few times, I played songs I already knew.

Cars and trucks sped past me and I could barely see much less appreciate anything; there were no landmarks I knew.

Once, in a downpour at night, I asked my intuition for guidance and support, and a calm come over me. I kept asking and listening intuitively.

Finally, one day, I realized that I could identify the landmarks of trains and train tracks. I felt safe enough to look around!

And, approaching the turn, I could see the beginning of the bridge as I was on it.

This was progress!

As I came back, I saw that the hilltop of pine trees was the beginning of where I’d usually turn left; which I'd completely missed because I was scared.

I remember the day when I saw, really SAW the bridge WAY before I got to it.

Before I traveled on it, I could picture it in my mind. I knew the turn in my body. I felt safe.

And, because I felt safe, I could appreciate with amazement, how many lives went into creating this bridge: the vision, the execution, the supplies! How it benefits so many! My life included!

And, then, I realized I wasn’t just surviving, but, marveling at its beauty and the sparkling water below it!

I moved from survival mode to safety to feeling awe & Oneness.

I couldn't have gotten there from fear or my anxious mind alone.

It took time, kindness towards myself, and awareness, and my intuition coached me.

I kept asking my intuition and soul team (angels, higher self, Source) for guidance and help.

It was such a shock to me because I don't see myself as a scared person most of the time, and I have a good life.

But, the truth is: I can be cautious especially with change and transition.

That's when a tendency to respond to the unknown with fear or over-control comes up.

Initially, I didn't know what was happening.

But, as the situation unfolded, I began to ask my intuition for help, and to see signs and synchronicities along the way., reminding me that I wasn't alone.

And, my intuition has helped me to see the larger picture.

One of the most humbling parts has been to ask for help from my soul team (intuition and the Universe) -- and to receive it in truly profound ways!

That's the bridge: From self/ego-mind and fear to soul/intuition & universal support!

And, now, I can really enjoy the ride!

Where do you currently find yourself in transition?

How do you create a bridge from worry to ease?

And, if you would like support receiving support from your intuition & the Universe, feel free to reach out! 🌟

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