• Heather Schwartz

Can't make up your mind? Try this intuitive practice.

Updated: Feb 10

Intuition is the language of our soul...

Listening to our intuition creates a greater sense of purpose, possibility, and aliveness.

It reminds us of why we're alive!

Have you ever had a day where everything aligned, where you just knew what to do next and things so easily worked out?

That's intuition.

But, when we're not aligned, we might feel "stuck" or indecisive, or look to other people for direction.

Then, we lose our power and our connection to our deepest selves.

Being in tune with our senses is the gateway to deeper knowing.

Let this simple practice can be a starting place to connect to your own knowing! 💖

P.S. If you'd like to go deeper, there's more info in this video on a new group that's beginning soon. Just click the link below that says, Discover more! 🦋.

Photo by John MCann on Unsplash.

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