• Heather Schwartz

Another Way to View Anxiety (with a Caveat)

Ask your conscious self/ego what it wants, & it will often talk about safety, conformity, protection, pushing to make things happen or to get things or objects. It wants to stay small, live in a box, & focus on ways to feel better now:

Get me a red Porsche! It yells triumphantly & defiantly -- even if you live in Minnesota with deep snowy winters.

Or, some Mac and cheese -- something soft, cheesy, & comforting to your 10-year old self.

Or make me a strong Mojito (or insert your favorite drink here)! Something tingly & exciting! Anything to distract from this yucky anxious feeling right now!

Our egos insert comfort where there are unknowns & see holes rather than the whole when scared. Insert False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR) -- here.

In contrast, our souls appreciate expansiveness, beingness, presence, experience, growth, Truth, Love, wholeness, letting things evolve and become, & going with the flow.

I was just thinking about this topic because I've felt anxiety on and off throughout my life, especially when I'm making a big change, and especially when my every day self isn't fully ready for what my greater self wants.

It's like I have to grow into my soul -- and all that space for my ego feels scary! It thrives on knowing what to do, when.

When I come from my soul, I feel this sense of, okay, okay, it's all well. No matter what. Here's another spot to park so I can pick up that Starbucks (or insert local cafe here) that I ordered for my Ego. ;) Or, wow, I never noticed those purple flowers on the side of the freeway where I've been for 1/2 hour on my way home.

So, here's my question: what if anxiety, in part, is the reaction to being in the space between ego and soul?

What if it's a necessary stage, the energy we need to make the energetic leap, you could say from ego to soul & from this moment to the next big leap?

And, if we don’t realize it’s happening, or try to fill it – rather than feel it – we might think there's something wrong with us or the world or with life...

When in fact, it's just a leap?

Caveat: Anxiety can come from a multitude of sources, including but not limited to: hormone imbalances & psychological conditions, & this post is meant to inspire inquiry & reflection rather than to deny the very real physiological & psychological origins of anxiety.

~ Peace & joy to you, Heather

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