I'd love to share a bit more about the thinking behind the practices.

The truth of who you are is already within you.


It might be covered up by layers of self-doubt, old stories, fears, or trepidation, or even by your dreams which feel too large to hold in this moment, but the truth of who you are is there.


And the work that we do together, which can often feel like play and wonder and joy, is an uncovering of the layers that have blocked your ability to feel who you are, to know who you are, to trust who you are, and to trust the levels of guidance that come from you and are also around you through your guides and your angels through your higher self and through Source , itself.  


The levels of guidance also come from your knowing which is embodied and through your body, heart, intuition and inner senses. Knowing can also come from feeling connected, being in nature, with animals, connecting with different levels of consciousness, and/or from the Universe, such as seeing an image or a message mirrored back to you.


When we tap into the greater sense of love that really is what we are, we are able to release what we're not. 


Releasing can also happen through Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), The Sedona Method, intuitive energy healing, forgiveness work, or through what I call Personalized Healing Metaphors or interactive guided imagery and visualizations.


Releasing not only creates knowing, in an embodied sense, but, it shifts our energy and perception. It literally lifts our vibration! And, because of this, we attract and are attracted to different things. Our view of reality shifts as our energy does! 


From all of these methods, we are able to access what may not be known without words.


The beauty of intuition is that it’s a very creative process where we translate and direct our energy.


By virtue of changing our energy we attract something very different in your life. And, that's powerful. 


All of these tools help to release what’s in the way of  shining and being in concert with who we truly are, what we are wanting to bring in, and creating from a place of Love and joy. This bridges self and soul. And, the more we are ourselves, the more open and available we are to connect with other people, animals, and the world. Our awakening lifts everyone! And, it's beautiful.