Kind Words

"I am still smiling thinking about our group. You have an incredible talent to facilitate a magical space for others.


You created a safe and powerful container for us to access our intuition and embrace our vision of abundance, fulfillment, and joy!


When you were guiding us, it felt like I was in a different kind of space where I felt calm, peaceful, and supported.


I also loved that you asked all of us to share our visions, dreams, and feelings. It is such a joy to get to know everyone in our group and be a part of everyone's manifesting process. I look forward to our future meetings. Thank you so much again for sharing your gifts of spiritual leadership with us."   - Joanna E, group participant

Flower Arrangement 5

"Working with Heather feels like a warm hug, pure sunshine, and a journey to the most magical place within your heart all at once.


I’ve worked with Heather one on one and in a group setting, and both experiences were deeply nourishing and left me feeling seen, heard and even more connected to myself than before.


Heather has a gift for effortlessly and intuitively facilitating groups in a way that allows each person to express the truest version of themselves while connecting on a soul level with each other.


One of my favorite things about working with Heather in a group setting is how she is able to tap into the group’s energy and guide us into healing conversations through her instinctual knowing of what is needed in each moment.


I’ve noticed that things shift in my life after meeting with Heather - answers become more clear and synchronicities become more common - as if she was the temporary bridge between me and my higher self.


I highly recommend working with Heather if you’re seeking clarity, a deeper sense of peace and connection to yourself, or desiring self-transformation. Being in her energy is a gift in itself.

-- Jacy M.

"With natural ease and a down-to-earth approach, Heather creates a wonderful environment for intuitive conversations and energy work. With her unique style of lightness and warmth, she opens the door for every participant to touch base with her own inner knowingness. Heather awakens awareness in a very flowing way, and I always come away from her energy work sessions with a smile, feeling like I have gone deep inside and experienced something important for me." -- Jane M.