Discover Possibilities...

Oracle Card Readings


Do you have a burning question or intention that's been on your mind?


Oracle card readings are a beautiful way to understand dynamics, impart intuitive understanding, gain clarity, & reveal your next steps...

In this reading, you'll receive greater:

* Clarity 

* Deeper understanding

* Intuitive suggestions 

* Ideas to move forward

This is not a reading of the future, but, a reading of the energy currently occurring in you and your situation.

The cards reveal possibilities

which change as your energy changes.  

And, it is easily possible to change your energy with intention, awareness, insight, & energy work.

Cost: $50.00  

All payments must be received prior to sessions. 

Each oracle card reading includes:

reading, intuitive guidance, discussion, & an optional emailed summary to create a life that includes more ease, flow, & magic!