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About Me

Hello Beautiful Soul,

I'm Heather! Nice to meet you! 👋🏻


I'm glad you're here! 💜

As a transformative guide,

 I offer intuitive guidance & empowering, playful, & uplifting practices to inspire people to connect with their intuition, move from head to heart, & find the joy in being their true selves. 

This is true belonging!


Seven years ago, I had a big awakening.

That rocked my world.

I had to find a way to work with my energy and boundaries better than I ever had.

It opened me up, too,

to realize that I am far more powerful than I knew

& that I'm not alone. 

The Universe is always here within & for us

lovingly guiding us in profoundly magical ways! 

I began sharing what I was learning

with other intuitive, empathic,

& spiritual women on the path

to being their true selves.

And, wow!

Hearing about people discovering what brings them truly alive is true magic! 



In addition to this work, I love spending time with my partner & our 2 rescue dogs, laughing & sharing great conversations & adventures with friends, being in nature, exercising, meditating, reading, watching tv series, & savoring life! 


Formal Bio:

My background includes formal training in intuitive development & spirituality, energy work, mindfulness, psychology (I have masters & doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology). I have a certificate in coaching and I have trained in coaching at Calm.

I was a Clinical Psychologist before I began to train in intuition & coaching.


I've facilitated hundreds of groups, worked with hundreds of people on personal transformation, written professionally, (including on Goodtherapy.org's blog), & studied many forms of psychological, spiritual, and energetic techniques, including: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Focusing, Mindfulness, & Reiki.


I have trained with 3 different intuitive teachers over the past 8 years. I'm also a Holy Reiki Master III. While I don't teach Reiki, I connect with its energy to create healing & energy shifts.

Life is an ongoing adventure, & I'm always training in something that lights me up! 


There's always something magical around the corner AND in the present moment right now, & I look forward to meeting you! 

If you feel called, let's connect, 💗

~ Heather