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About Me

Hi Beautiful Soul! 

I'm Heather. 👋🏻 💜

It's a pleasure to meet you! 

Let me tell you a bit about why I do this work... 


Eight years ago, I had a big spiritual awakening.


I realized that who I was and how I was going through life, wasn't in alignment with my soul anymore.

And, I could feel it in my body and heart. 


I had achieved my dream of becoming a Clinical Psychologist in private practice, but, a light turned on in me to begin seeing differently. 


After multiple experiences that showed me that we are all so much more powerful, loved, and connected with the Universe, with Source energy than we know intellectually, I saw that the way I'd been living was too small to accommodate my new way of seeing, feeling, and being.  


As I decided to change, all kinds of magic happened.


Great good & big challenges.


This included getting attuned in Reiki to boost my vibration, falling down my basement stairs backwards (300 stitches later), & asking for healing from my Reiki community which healed my face at a rapid pace.


I'd been in the giver role which left me depleted. And, Reiki taught me that when you give, you automatically receive (Reiki) in your own body. It also taught me how to love and care for myself. It's powerful medicine. And, we are our own best healers.


After training in Reiki, I became pretty psychic. I'd always been intuitive & clairaudient, & sometimes seen spirits, but, I all of a sudden, noticed energy more. 


What used to work to bring balance: meditation, analyzing issues, eating sugar and carbs, or not setting good boundaries no longer worked for me.


I went through a big purge & for a while there, it felt like I was on that amusement park ride where you stick to the wall and the floor drops out underneath you. ;) 

I needed to find a new way. 

I didn't want to hide my intuition or my spiritual, metaphysical (yes, woo-woo side), even if it was scary, weird, or unsettling to others because it would mean leaving part of myself behind.

And, as an Empath who has always felt energy, I knew I needed tools to support my whole self -- & not just tell me to think different thoughts. 

I needed something that addressed where I was experiencing life: at the energy level! 

And, I let go of relationships which were draining or just vibrationally wrong for me, & stopped pushing myself so hard to "succeed,” or masking my neurodiversity (Empath, ADHD+) ways of being, & decided to really listen to my whole, authentic self.


I found new practices, thank goodness, by asking Source.

I went to spiritual & intuitive teachers (whom I still train with), read tons of books on spiritual awakening, saw coaches & healers, & enrolled in multiple classes, including year-long programs in working with the chakras and energy medicine.  


And, most importantly, I began to shift my energy which has changed my life. 


This was the biggest shift! And, it blew me away. 

It's not an external "fix," but a way of honoring wholeness by working with our own subtle energy. I combine this way of working with coaching, psychology, body & heart-based approaches and intuition. 

That's the beauty of this work, which is a huge part of why I'm so passionate about it!  We have the power within us! 

And, if this speaks to you, I'd love to connect with you! ~ Heather 

“The most real things in the world are those that neither (wo)men nor children can see,” - from Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus. :) -- my favorite quote in high school (guess I did know some things!).


When I'm not working, I'm having adventures with my partner and our dogs, our friends, and life! 

I also love simple good food, like chocolate (or s'mores!), connecting with my dogs (I hear them intuitively), friends & partner, nature, having inner and outer adventures, including synchronicities, & enjoying all the wonders of life!

Other facts about me: I'm an ENFP.

It's easy for me to see the good, the beautiful, and the lovable in people, life, and situations.

I guess I am what you'd call an animist. I believe there is Spirit in everything. 

And, I love to find what's beautiful, meaningful, and joyful in life. 


Being part of people's awakenings, when they tap into who they truly are is a delight, and I look forward to meeting you! ~ Heather 


Formal Background


My background includes a masters & doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, 14 years a psychotherapist, 8 years of coaching experience, 8+ years of formal training in intuitive development and energy work, & 20 years in mindfulness. I am a certified spiritual life coach, have a certificate in coaching for mental health practitioners, and have trained & worked as a behavioral health & mindfulness coach with people all over the world at Calm.

I've worked with hundreds of people on personal transformation and facilitated lots of groups. I've also written professionally, (including on Goodtherapy.org's blog), & studied many forms of psychological, spiritual, & energetic techniques, including: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Focusing, Mindfulness, & Reiki.


I have trained with 3 different intuitive teachers over the past 8 years. I'm also a Holy Reiki Master III. While I don't teach or offer Reiki directly, I connect with its energy to create healing & energy shifts.

Life is an ongoing adventure, & I'm always training in something that creates transformation & lights me up! 


There's always something magical around the corner AND in the present moment right now, & I look forward to meeting you! 

If you feel called, let's connect, 💗

~ Heather