True Self Sessions

 Are you an intuitive, & empathic person who is in transition, 

wanting more for yourself but not sure how to move forward?


Perhaps you want to trust yourself,

& share your abilities, 

and come into your own power. 

Have you often played it safe,

or cautiously, hidden who you are,

while wanting to be the fullest expression of yourself? 

Do you love to experience

awe, delight, play, inspiration,

A-ha's & the inner & outer adventures of life... 

while feeling true connection with others, too?

Even though people have told you that you're bright & insightful, do you second guess yourself & your own Truth?

A good life is one in which you're FULLY in it! 


Want to BE the fullest expression of yourself?

True Self Sessions are for people who are ready to see, trust, & appreciate the beauty, loving power, & magic within themselves.

Imagine: feeling loved & free just by being YOU! 

You are the magic!

Photo by Alonso Reyes on Unsplash 

Mystical Lake

What can I Expect? 

You can create a life that you love because it reflects who you truly are & what brings you joy! 

If you're empathic/sensitive, you know how essential it is to focus on the influence of energy AND the power of your intuition -- because you're feeling it all the time! 

This is the missing link! 

Each session is a mixture of intuitive energy healing guidance and discussion.

Imagine being able to:


🌟 Know you're not alone and never have been.

You can call in & receive support, wisdom, & love from your intuition & soul team

🌟 Feel grounded, clear, & energized as you release energy that's not yours & reclaim what is!


🌟 Trust the Universe's support through signs, signals, & synchronicities

🌟 Recognize your own energy signature & what will support it

🌟 Open your Heart & feel loved, worthy, & belonging

🌟 Live & love more fully 💜

🌟 Receive spiritual understanding with ease through intuition & energy work

🌟 Connect with your unique beauty & Oneness. 

🌟Play with your Life!