Types of Sessions:
True Nature Walks & Phone Sessions
Mystical Lake

See Video here for a description of sessions

 Are you an intuitive, & empathic person who is in transition

and not sure how to move forward?


Maybe you want to trust yourself,

take up space,

and feel that you belong. 

Even though people go to you for answers & you're purposeful & self-aware, do you second guess yourself?

Transformative sessions are for people who are ready to take responsibility for their wellbeing & also see the beauty, love, & magic within themselves.

Instead of Googling or texting a friend, imagine knowing what to do when you feel worried, or how to bring in more clarity, ease & joy.

It's so much easier to take clear action when you tap into who you truly are.

These sessions meet you where you are & create greater clarity on what's holding you back as well as how to move forward.

Two types of sessions:

True Nature Walks: After the Illumination Session, if weather permits, we'll meet in person to walk and talk in nature. This session allows for a release  of energy, great connection with your truth by being in nature, & highlighting or mirroring what we're talking about in nature! Often symbols are seen or understanding is deepened by walking and talking. 


Walking in nature while walking is always surprising, often joyful, & full of life! 

On the phone: After the Illumination Session, we'll meet by phone to discuss your intention, what's true for you right now, and what you would like to be different. Then, the process of the session can include intuition, suggestions, & practices.

Photo by Alonso Reyes on Unsplash 


What can I Expect? 

Each session is a combination of your intuition, my intuition, discussion, powerful questions, intuitive guidance, embodied understanding, & energy healing.

Sessions begin with an informal check-in, setting an intention, and calling in our spirit teams & higher selves. Then, you might describe what's happening, what you would like to be different, &/or what you are hoping to have happen, & we move forward from there.

From this, we can explore your intention using intuitive guidance, energy practices, powerful questions so that you can feel aligned with inne guidance, & trust in your own lovability & goodness.

Knowing may come in the form of understanding without knowing how, such as through intuition, or knowing in an embodied way.

You'll receive practical as well as spiritual tools & understanding.

Feel lighter, more joyful, & clear on next steps! 

Imagine being able to:


🌟 Let go of over-thinking.



🌟 Feel more purposeful


🌟 Get clear on what truly matters to you.


🌟 Take action with trust


🌟Receive the Universe's support through signs, signals, & synchronicities

🌟 Feel more joy! 💜

🌟 Find your people & feel more connected

You'll also be able to: 

🌟 Recognize your own energy signature & what will support it

🌟 Open your heart & feel loved, worthy, & belonging

🌟 Live & love more fully 💜

🌟 Receive spiritual understanding with ease through intuition & energy work

🌟 Connect with your unique beauty & Oneness. 

🌟Play with your Life!